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the mycutelittlethingsyeah or what is their url

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i get so much secondhand embarrassment from the person in the jets tag jfc

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i’ve always scoffed at those “oh my god europe is tiny”-posts but we just took the wrong exit driving back to our cabin and we literally ended up in norway and decided to just stay for dinner so yeah

this just happened AGAIN jesus fucking christ there isn’t even a sign that says welcome to fucking norway you’re just there all of a sudden

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somebody come talk to me on skype

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No, seriously. Tell him to fuck off, that doesn’t sound ok at all.

nonono it’s all in good fun and we’re laughing, the problem is i can’t be mad at him when he does this

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Scott Hartnell for the NHLPA & Kraft Hockeyville ()

These gifs don’t do the video justice, please go watch it it’s really funny. I did a poor job giffing this cause I was determined to include myself


He was sad cause I was wearing my jets shirt, but I told him my flyers hoodie was at home.

My hand looks really awkward but I thought I was having a heart attack so yeah

i just really want maurice to come back next year

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Yea, he’s cute. A little effeminate, but maybe that’s youth.

excuse me???im laughing so hard rn

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